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December 13, 2017

First Aid || Strain Injury

Strain injury is common and can happen anytime, most especially, during any sport activities or exercise. When strain injury is sustained, there is a little help we can render before transferring the person/casualty to hospital for advanced management.

What is strain?
Strain is a tearing or stretching of muscle fibres as a result of suddenly pulling them too far. There is bleeding into the damaged area of muscle, causing pain, swelling and even spasm; bruise usually appears few days after the injury.

Treatment/First Aid
- Resting the affected part
- Applying ice-pack to reduce swelling
- Use of strapping or compression bandage
- Elevate the affected part. Then, seek medical aid.

Other treatment may include the use of painkillers, physiotherapy (including stretching exercises, to prevent shortening of muscles of the affected part).

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